Harshida Patel

"After suffering from a fall I was told I needed a back operation and ongoing steroid injections. 

At this point, I went to see what Jack could do for me. His care, knowledge, and treatments are second to none. He has virtually repaired me! Doctors gave up on me but Jack's constant care in treatments, and homecare routine's made my ailments nonexistent. 

I have seen more and more improvement over time and through his support, I now understand the problem I had. I have always felt that my treatments were beneficial and any advice that I was given was appropriate, helping me in the interim and longer-term. 

I have ongoing treatments with Jack to reset my body alignment. I feel, and know that as we move forward in life if we get the right guidance we can keep continu to improve ourselves."

Carl Sharman

"I have experienced problems with pain and stiffness since a teenager and am now almost fifty. I have a sedentary job which has worsened these problems over the years. I've tried many different approaches and therapists, some of which gave temporary relief but nothing that got to the root. 

Since having treatment with Jack, my pain has reduced significantly and my posture is much better. The quality of my daily life and my ability to exercise and do martial arts have improved immensely. 

Jack is extremely knowledgable in his field and is always friendly, patient, and kind during treatments. He is always willing to help and looking for new ways to do so. I would recommend Jack to anyone."

Christie J Lloyd

"In just over a year Jack has totally Transformed my life.

I had spent my whole life doing fad diets and trying to feel more energized but never succeeded.

Jack helped me find a love for exercise, I now see it as one of my favorite activities and it keeps me fit and feeling great.

Jack has also taught me about nutrition, he has also helped me lose nearly 2 stone & over 25cm's just through changing the way I eat.

Jack is very intuitive and tailors each session to how I am feeling. Even when I enter the gym with low energy, and dragging my heels, I always come out of one of Jack's sessions feeling positive and remotivated.

Thanks for everything Jack."

Sue Robinson

"I can 100% recommend Jack as a personal trainer, weightlifting coach, sports massage therapist, NKT specialist, and weight loss/maintenance guide. Here's why:

I first joined a gym when I started having hip, back and leg pain from many years of playing badminton. I quickly lost 2 stones in weight and in the 5 years I have been taking PT sessions with Jack, I have not put any of the weight back on. 

I chose Jack as my PT due to his many fitness qualifications, not to mention seeing the undivided attention and dedication that he gave to his existing clients in the gym.

Jack started teaching me the basics. His attention to detail ensures that I carry out the exercises safely and correctly. His sports massage combined with NKT techniques means that my back, hip and leg pain is so much better now than it was when I began.

Jack has now progressed my training so that even at my age, I am learning completely new skills in the form of Olympic weightlifting: the snatch and the clean & jerk, although I find this challenging it is also hugely rewarding. Now, at the age of 55, I feel fitter and healthier than I have been in a long time.

I have a PT session with Jack once a week but he is always available with any questions/problems I have in relation to the other two gym sessions and two swim sessions that he designs for me to do individually during the week.

Hence why I can personally 100% recommend Jack."

Ed Swabey

Jack was my personal trainer for over three years. During that period, Jack helped me achieve my fitness goals through a combination of physical and mental improvements. He developed a plan, unique to me, based on continual assessment and engagement with me, his client.

Jack is conscientious and knowledgeable and is able to apply these personal attributes to his clients' needs to truly get the best out of them. The training sessions were fun, focussed and goal orientated, based on a pre-defined program agreed with the client's input.

Jack looks to continually develop and improve his understanding of his professional work. Over the more than three years that I have known him, it's clear that he has also been on a journey to improve and develop himself.

He is supportive in both a professional and personal capacity. He's a natural people-person, shows empathy, and is highly motivated to help his clients to the best of his ability.

I highly recommend Jack to help you.

Robin Brotherwood

Having had a few coaches and trainers for running (preparation for the London Marathon, and other for general fitness at the gym) I can confidently say Jack has been the best of them all, in all areas put together.

His knowledge in all areas where I've needed advice, nutrition (fat loss and muscle gain), cardio, strength, even with recovery has been exceptional, easy to follow with a strong technical knowledge to back it all up.

Jack makes the training sessions themselves enjoyable and helps me to reach achievable goals whatever they may be. Outside of sessions, he goes the extra mile by answering questions I may have at any time and checking in regularly to see how I'm doing. This accountability is where he really makes a difference and keeps me focused on my goals to prevent bad habits from slipping in.

I've been with Jack for most of a year now, and I'm already looking at what we've achieved, being at a point now that I thought would be so much harder than it has been, and yet, Jack's made it easy. The only excuse I can ever have now would be me!